WOW… it’s Mid October 2021

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I’m not sure about you, but after the train wreck of 2020, and the fumbling through the recovery of 2021, I don’t have high hopes for 2022. Gas prices went up 30 cents per gallon in San Antonio, overnight. Somehow, someway, with unemployment still up there, people are flooding into expensive hotels for the weekends, and traffic in the big cities (San Antonio and Austin) is back to its normal, clogged commute.

SO I’ve been at the DDJ now every day straight since July 31st, trying to take care of a client who has demanded the impossible. That said, I and my team, for all intents and purposes, have pulled off the impossible.

So, I’m just sending this update that hopefully, by Mid November, I can get back to writing. I don’t care what anyone says, when you have a management job and work 12-14+ every day for over two months, there is just nothing left to give to the story. I can’t even hear the characters right now.

I’m still looking for reviews for my existing Jessie Richter supernatural spy series, but just am not able to put the time into marketing, either. Pitiful.

I hope you are doing better than you were in March of 2020, that you are healthy and covid free. If you like military thrillers, by the way, I’m a new fan of Jack Carr, Michael Greaney, and have been a fan of Brad Thor. (My stuff is close to THOR since he uses some sci-fi elements in his stories). Keep reading!