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Just a quick note to everyone that I’m alive and well, despite a very close call back in Jan of this year (2024). 2022/23 was a rollercoaster ride of staying afloat, and well, we all know how 2020/21 turned out. Lost years for a lot of us. Anyway, I’m back on track for finishing writing projects. I’m going through my editor’s notes for BAVO, (Cover is done- reveal soon), working on a Novella for a board game called “UBERDRAKES” and I’ve started the outline for the next Jessie Richter novel in the “Enemy Way” series. Some of you know how to reach me, others can email me or contact me through this site.

I do hope those of you who have the books post a review soon, I’m working on getting the series onto AUDIBLE and can’t do it without more stellar reviews.

God bless you all.