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My Current WIP, is a historical fiction… with supernatural elements, taking place about a hundred fifty years after the death of Bavo- Patron Saint of Falconers. Throughout this blog, I will touch on all aspects of how this new novel is currently being written, from the extensive research, to the creative process. Some aspects and locations are historically accurate, as are some of the characters. There’s even bits on falconry which are mostly accurate except for perhaps a little stretching of use of tools of the sport that might not have been available during that time.

Anyway, I think if you are interested in Falconry, or the process of what it takes to write a novel (this is my third, by the way), then I do think you’ll get a kick out of Bavo’s Blog! Pass it on to others, promote it, and of course, share you comments and insights with me! I’m an “open book”, and am as excited to share this process and even chapters with you, as long as you’re nice.

Stay tuned for more, coming soon!