They say to truly know someone, you must walk a mile in their shoes…

Jessie Richter wouldn’t have it any other way.



Sometimes… you just have to fight back.

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Warning: contains scenes of domestic and sexual violence, and revenge.

Book 1

They say to truly know your enemy, you must walk a mile in their shoes.  As a “Walker”, Jessie Richter wouldn’t have it any other way.


Warning: contains scenes of extreme violence.

Book 2

Standing in the ashes of her last mission, Jessie learns that she might not be so special, after all.  Her search for “the other” could cost her more than her life


Warning: contains scenes of extreme violence and revenge!

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Stephen Eagles is the author-alter-ego of a US Navy veteran, former cop, and former wildlife educator who currently lives in San Antonio, Texas.

As a writer, he draws heavily from his interesting and unusual life experiences, including (but not limited to); working in Naval Intelligence during the Cold War, as a homicide detective in South Florida, as a Licensed NRA Law Enforcement firearms instructor and as a professional master class and eagle falconer. Throughout his law enforcement career, he explored his Native American roots alongside his grandmother and danced the professional pow-wow circuit for several years where he made many life-long Navajo, Seminole and Lakota friends.

He’s always looking for other conservative-minded, radically PRO-USA authors to team up with for promotion, and readers who enjoy character driven stories, no matter the genre!

Stephen is almost finished with a very different, supernatural historical fiction novel. If you’ve read this far, and you’re interested in learning what it takes to write a novel, start to finish, Stephen is considering creating a BLOG to show  readers his step by step process.   If interested, reach out to him on FB, IG or Messenger and let him know.  If he gets enough interest, he’ll add the BLOG: BAVO’s BLOG- an 8th century tale of Saints and Curses